Day 22: Horses! 41 horses!

22 miles PCT mile 2055.5 – PCT mile 2076.3 (+ side trail to/from Little Crater Lake) Total miles so far: 395.4 The main topic of conversation in our campsite last night was the brunch at Timberline Lodge. I have never been to Timberline Lodge, but apparently there is a gourmet all-you-can-eat buffet brunch that people […]

Day 21: Beast mode

21.3 miles PCT mile 2034.2 – PCT mile 2055.5 Total miles so far: 373.4 So apparently I just don’t sleep anymore. I’m curled in my sleeping bag as the sun comes up, peeking out at the world around me, thinking longingly of those few days on trail where I somehow managed to sleep for 6+ […]

Day 20: Letting go

18.2 miles PCT mile 2016 – PCT mile 2034.2 Total miles so far: 352.1 I fall asleep sometime after 3am, and I wake up to a brilliant, beautiful sunrise. The sky goes from black to purple to pink, with the bright orange sun casting a glow over all the trees in the distance. It’s freezing […]