And now, rest

I am back home now.

There is a toilet and a bed and a shower. There are fluffy clean towels. Towels!

I can cuddle my cats and my husband whenever I want and as much as I want. I can wrap myself in a soft blanket and drink hot tea while watching Netflix. Netflix, oh my god. What even is this luxury??

This is little Milo and I cannot stop cuddling him

It feels good and right to be back home, but I also feel sad. There is so much I still need to process from my hike, and I see a lot of existential journaling in the near future.

This hike brought up so many questions for me, questions like: What does it mean to live a bold and courageous life? How do our beliefs about ourselves keep us trapped? How do we change when change is hard? How can I leave the world better than I found it? Where can I have the most impact and do the most good? Where am I still seeking outside validation, and how can I let that go?

Like I said, I see a lot of existential journaling in my future.

In the meantime, I’ve made a little directory of all the blog posts from my hike, which you can find by clicking the “Oregon PCT 2016” tab up in the navigation.

You’ll also find links in the navigation to my gear list and to the resources I used and loved while preparing for my hike. I hope it’s helpful!

And now I need to get back to the business of napping, which is serious business in these first few post-hike days. Napping and eating. So much eating.