This is the complete gear list of what I’m bringing on the AZT. My base weight (everything other than food, water, and clothing worn while hiking) is 11.55 pounds. Each item weight that you see listed was measured on my kitchen scale, so occasionally the weights I list are slightly different from those listed by the manufacturer.

Item Brand/Item Weight (ounces)
Pack ULA Circuit, Small with Small Hipbelt (with inside pouch, hand straps, and extra cords removed) 34
Trash compactor bag (to use as an inner pack lining during rain) 1.9
  Pack Weight Sub-Total 35.9
Sleep System
Shelter Zpacks Hexamid Solo with Bathtub Floor 15.4
Tent Pole Carbon Fiber 48″ Pole 2.5
Tent Stakes Titanium Shephard’s Hook Tent Stakes x8 (stored in zip pouch) 1.9
Ground Cloth Gossamer Gear Polycro Ground Cloth (stored in ziplock bag) 1.7
Sleeping Pad NeoAir XLite, Small 7.1
Foam Pad ThinLight Foam Pad – 1/8″ (cut down to needed size) 1.5
Sleeping Bag Zpacks 10 Degree, Regular Width/Long Length (with Sea to Summit stuff sac) 22.1
Wool Leggings Oiselle Wazzie Wool Jane John Leggings 5.4
Sleep Top Cuddl Duds Fleece Long Sleeve 4.7
Sleep Socks Darn Tough Coolmax Vertex 1/4 Sock Ultra-Light 1.4
Eye Mask & Earplugs REI Eye Mask & Earplugs 1.2
Sleep System Weight Sub-Total 65
Electronics & Maps
iPhone Apple iPhone 6s 5
iPhone Case Lifeproof Protective iPhone Case 1.4
Wall Charger for iPhone Apple iPhone 6s Charger 1.4
Headphones Apple Earbuds 0.4
iPod Shuffle + Charger iPod Shuffle + Charger 0.7
Satellite Locator Device SPOT Gen3 Satellite GPS Messenger (with 4x batteries, cord, and instruction page) 4.8
Maps Paper maps, printed by AZTA 2
External Battery Anker PowerCore 13000 Portable Charger (with mesh bag and power cord) 9.2
2-V Wall Plug (To charge external battery in town) 1
Headlamp Black Diamond Spot Headlamp 3.2
Pen Fisher Space Pen 0.2
Storage Bag Ziplock, Sandwich-Size 0.1
Wallet Pouch ZPacks Wallet Zip Pouch (with license, insurance card, credit card, debit card, and cash) 1
Electronics Weight Sub-Total 31.3
Eating & Drinking
Water Filter Katadyn BeFree Collapsible Water Filter Bottle, 1L 2.2
Additional Water Filtration Pouch Hydrapak 1L 1.6
Aquamira Aquamira – 1fl oz bottles 2.9
Disposable Water Bottle Smart Water Plastic Disposable Bottle 1L (x4) 5.6
Disposable Water Bottle (for protein shakes) SoBe Coconut Water Disposable Bottle (16 oz) 1.3
Cold Soak Container Ziplock Screw Top Container 1.9
Titanium Spoon Snow Peak Titanium Spork 0.5
Food Bag OPSAK 12×20 1.5
Eating & Drinking Weight Sub-Total 17.8
Toiletries, First Aid, + Misc
Scissors 1.1
Knife 1.4
Toothbrush + Toothpaste Aurelle TOOB Brush 1.4
Hand sanitizer, sunscreen, lip balm 2.5
First Aid Kit: floss with needle, tweezers, gauze, moleskin, bandaids, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic wipes, Ibuprofen, Benadryl, Imodium, Magnesium 3.2
Hairties + Comb 0.8
Toilet Paper 0.7
Pee Rag Bandana 1.1
Wash Cloth Bandana 1.1
Massage Ball Smallest size 0.3
Repair Kit Cuben Fiber Tape + mattress patch 0.5
Trowel Deuce Backpacking Trowel 0.6
Storage Bag OPSAK 11×9 0.6
Toiletries Weight Sub-Total 15.3
Extra Clothing
Insulated Jacket Patagonia Ultralight Down Jacket 8
Rain Jacket Outdoor Research Helium II Jacket 5.5
Socks (extra pair) Injinji thin running socks 1.1
Underwear (extra pair) Exofficio Give-n-Go Sport Mesh Bikini Brief 0.8
Fleece Mittens ZPacks Micro-Fleece Mittens 1.2
Fleece Beanie Zpacks Micro-Fleece Hat 1.1
Buff Original Buff 1.3
Stuff Sack ZPacks Stuff Sack – Medium 0.4
Extra Clothing Weight Sub-Total 19.5
TOTAL BASE WEIGHT 184.8 oz (11.5 lb)
Worn on Body
Running Shorts Oiselle Rogas
Underwear Exofficio Give-n-Go Sport Mesh Bikini Brief
Socks Injinji
Trail Running Shoes Brooks Calderas
Gaiters Dirty Girl Gaiters
Shirt REI Northway Plaid Shirt
Sports Bra Patagonia Women’s Barely Bra
Sunglasses Cheap ones from Target
Hat REI Co-op Sahara Hat
Trekking Poles (with leukotape wrapped around one pole) Black diamond ultra-distance z-poles